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How does it work? is a penny auction platform where bidders compete for extreme discounted gas prices and other automotive items.

Do the Following and Save up to 90% on gas

  • 1. Purchase Bid Credits (credits are used when bids are placed while participating in auctions)
  • 2. Check Average Local Price for Product in the Auction (price you are going to BEAT!)
  • 3. Place Bid on any Auction Price
  • 4. Last Bidder when Timer Hits Zero is the WINNER!
  • 5. Receive e-Coupon in Email
  • 6. Find a Rexoco Location to Use your Coupon with Discounted Gas Price
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  • Yeaa they give you 3 bids for signing up and my first bid I won per gallon $2.83. No joke. By: Norma on Saturday Jul 6th, 2013
  • I used my coupon at the Conoco at Chatfield & Wadsworth and saved $19.68 on my fill up. Thanks! By: Terry on Saturday Jul 6th, 2013